State of War - Warmonger.exe

State of War - Warmonger.exe 1.5

Command the united military forces of UFSC and Mr. Rahman
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State of War: Warmonger is a sequel to the original real-time strategy State of War. It was designed as a standalone version. Warmonger includes 16 bright new missions in which 11 are single-player and 5 multiplayer.

United forces under your command have successfully defeated the rebels. All military bases controlled by over OVERMIND may again serve to protect peace and prosperity on Earth. Beginning as small groups of devoted individuals, terrorist groups begun to emerge. Their members did not want peace on Earth. Most influential among them was Crystal Brotherhood. Mr. Rahman a member of OVERMIND activator has betrayed. He has joined the Crystal Brotherhood and sold them most vital information - activation codes along with his own soul. Now all bases are ready to face the terrorists and your duty calls you again to command the united forces of UFSC and Mr. Rahman is to blame for the need to declare once again State of War.

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